Bliss Therapeutic Chilliwack

Therapy is a treatment plan, psychology is a science.

Not only will you have someone listen and validate your experiences, you will also learn about them, and we will create a plan to heal from them.

Areas of Practice

Bliss Therapeutic provides counselling for a wide variety of issues, including:

Therapeutic Approaches

In consultation with my clients, and dependent on their needs and preferences, we may utilize a range of treatment modalities, including:



I have been blessed with a diverse and inclusive clientele since starting my private practice nearly 20yrs ago. I have worked within the spectrum of the rainbow including much couples work, educating families, and also helping prepare clients for transition.

Marital Relationships

I am incredibly fortunate to have couples comprise about 50% of my practice. Whether newly dating or at your golden anniversary, same-sex or not, sometimes it’s nice to have a supportive neutral perspective.

Prevention, intervention or simply a tune-up, I offer pre-marital and marriage counselling, as well as separation and divorce counselling. Sessions can surround the couple or an individual member.

Personality Disorders and Other Mental Illnesses

I have experience and advanced training in working with various mental disorders, including: Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Mood Disorder, Major Depression, and Anxiety Disorders.