Bliss Therapeutic Chilliwack

Therapy is a treatment plan, psychology is a science.

Not only will you have someone listen and validate your experiences, you will also learn about them, and we will create a plan to heal from them.

Areas of Practice

Bliss Therapeutic provides counselling for a wide variety of issues, including:

Therapeutic Approaches

In consultation with my clients, and dependent on their needs and preferences, we may utilize a range of treatment modalities, including:



I have been blessed with a diverse and inclusive clientele since starting my private practice nearly 20yrs ago. I have worked within the spectrum of the rainbow including much couples work, educating families, and also helping prepare clients for transition.

Marital Relationships

I am incredibly fortunate to have couples comprise about 50% of my practice. Whether newly dating or at your golden anniversary, same-sex or not, sometimes it’s nice to have a supportive neutral perspective.

Prevention, intervention or simply a tune-up, I offer pre-marital and marriage counselling, as well as separation and divorce counselling. Sessions can surround the couple or an individual member.

Personality Disorders and Other Mental Illnesses

I have experience and advanced training in working with various mental disorders, including: Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Mood Disorder, Major Depression, and Anxiety Disorders.

Adolescents and Parents/Families

With two decades of experience working with children and youth and their families for a government agency I have the skills, training, and experience to help support adolescents and/or their parents navigate these challenging times whether it be mental health, relationships, stress, or family dynamics/parenting support. 


Providing clinical supervision to new and established therapists is a passion of mine. Creating a trusting, collaborative relationship helps supervisees experience the supervision space as a safe learning environment: one where they can openly discuss their work, ask questions about competence and limitations, be supported with new strategies and techniques, as well as receive guidance in establishing themselves and their practice as professionals.